This project is about creating the experience of designing your own unique sneaker, through a self-contained object which provides all the tools for the process, and also expresses all the elements of the brand itself.
The designed destination of this furniture is the interior of high-end designer’s boutiques, where the customers can access a digital configurator and physical samples, to preview their design and purchase it.

We referenced a sneaker-related icon such as the sports locker, and re-invented it through precious materials and finishes, making it unmistakably the Uniconique locker.
The end result is a sophisticated object, and a provocative meaning towards the fashion industry: recognize the impact and the value of our possessions, but at the same time their essential lightness.


Client: Uniconique
Scope of work: Product design, graphic design
Materials: Timber, leather, glass, neon circle, balloon
Finishes: Oak, glossy laquer
Dimensions: 400x600x2000mm
Year: 2018
Photos: Alessandro Nardi